Alexey Yurievich Mikhaylov

Head of laboratory, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation and author of many scientific publications and conference papers in Energy; Economics, Econometrics and Finance; Business, Management and Accounting; Environmental Science; Materials Science; Mathematics; Computer Science; Psychology; Social Sciences; Neuroscience. 


  • The Best Special Issue Award, “Financial Open Innovations for Sustainable Economic Growth” of Journal of Open Innovation: Technology, Market, and Complexity (2022).
  • Bronze Poster Award at SOI and Riga Technical University 2021 Conference (2021).
  • The best scientific publication “Academus” in the category “Economics and Management “(2020).
  • Rector’s Award of Financial University (2020).

Top Papers:

  • Mikhaylov A., Dinçer, H., Yüksel, S. (2023). Analysis of financial development and open innovation oriented fintech potential for emerging economies using an integrated decision-making approach of MF-X-DMA and golden cut bipolar q-ROFSs. Financial Innovation, 9, 4.
  • Moiseev N., Mikhaylov A., Dinçer, H., Yüksel, S. (2023). Market capitalization shock effects on open innovation models in e-commerce: golden cut q-rung orthopair fuzzy multicriteria decision-making analysis. Financial Innovation, 9, 55.
  • Wang, Q., Guo, J.; Li, R.; Mikhaylov, A; Moiseev, N. (2023). Does technical assistance alleviate energy poverty in sub-Saharan African countries? A new perspective on spatial spillover effects of technical assistance. Energy Strategy Reviews, 45, 101047.
  • He H., Huang Y., Nakadomari A., Masrur H., Krishnan N., Hemeida A.M., Mikhaylov A., Omine E., Senjyu T. (2023). Potential and economic viability of green hydrogen production from seawater electrolysis using renewable energy in remote Japanese islands. Renewable energy, 202, 1436-1447
  • Irshad A.S., Ludin G.A., Masrur H., Ahmadi M., Yona A., Mikhaylov A., Krishnan N., Senjyu T. (2023). Optimization of grid-photovoltaic and battery hybrid system with most technically efficient PV technology after the performance analysis. Renewable Energy.
  • Tamashiro, K., Omine, E., Krishnan, N., Mikhaylov, A., Hemeida, A.M., Senjyu, T. (2023). Optimal Components Capacity Based Multi-Objective Optimization and Optimal Scheduling based MPC-Optimization Algorithm in Smart Apartment Buildings. Energy & Buildings, 278, 112616,
  • Iqbal, K.M.J., Khan, M.I., Mikhaylov, A., Shah, A.A., Yadykin, V., Filho, W.L., Tariq, M.A.U.R., Ullah, W. (2023). Modeling principles, criteria and indicators to assess water sector governance for climate compatibility and sustainability. Frontiers in Environmental Science, 11, 989930.
  • Aksoy, T., Yüksel, S., Dınçer, H., Hacioglu, U., Mikhaylov A., Muyeen, S.M. (2023). Assessing the electricity production capacities of emerging markets for the sustainable investment. IEEE Access,
  • Dınçer, H., Eti, S., Aksoy, T., Yüksel, S., Hacioglu U., Mikhaylov A., Muyeen, S.M. (2023). Analysis of environmental impact for material production investments using a novel soft computing methodology . IEEE Access,