Dr. Hassan Tawakol Ahmed Fadl “Associate Professor – Researcher”

Sudanese nationality, specializing in economics (quantitative and applied econometrics), (applied statistics), {energy economics}, (and statistical packages via computers)…

Doctorate in Philosophy of Econometrics, University of Khartoum – Sudan – dated 2015.

Another doctorate in applied statistics {Specialization in Biostatistics} from Omdurman Islamic University – Sudan – with an excellent general grade in 2019.

Master of Econometrics from Sudan University of Science and Technology – Sudan Khartoum – 2010, with a success rate of 82.4%.

Higher Diploma in Applied Statistics and Stochastic Processes {Specialization in Biostatistics} from Cairo University {Khartoum Branch, Al-Nilein University} The first-course system for the 2013 batch with a success rate of 81.6%.

Bachelor of Applied Economics ((very good)) from Omdurman Islamic University – Sudan – dated 2003-2004.

Bachelor’s degree in applied statistics from the University of Khartoum in 2007, with an excellent general grade, third in the batch, 81.3%…

Experience in teaching, training, scientific research, and higher education consulting in Sudanese and Gulf universities for about 16 years. And experience working in medical institutions such as the Primary Health Care Center in the Eastern Province.

Research and statistics consultant for training diploma and board students on writing and analyzing medical research at the Institute of Family Medicine and Postgraduate Studies {Al-Khobar and Al-Aqrabiya} from 2016 until the beginning of 2018…

He has an appreciated and respected collection of scientific papers and research studies published in journals. (Web of Science “Scopus and ISI”) are estimated at approximately (32) studies (scientific papers) in the fields of economics, econometrics, statistics, health, food security, energy economics, and climate change, and financial markets and two books in econometrics and another in applied statistics research and statistical analysis. Time series analysis and scientific research methodology.

He is now looking forward to being promoted to the rank of Professor