“The fairest societies are those that know how to dynamically adapt their legal
system to the changing economic and social reality.” Pedro Gómez.

We are a private and plural association of independent professionals, which tries to contribute ideas for the improvement of economic activity and social coordination.

Monetary defense and people welfare
Any society, past or future, defines itself by the system of formation of the norms, the issuance of money, the Administration of Justice and State Security.

Man has managed to design a reasonable system of Administration of Justice and Security of the State, in world expansion and constant improvement. But man continues to deteriorate in the money issuance system and stuck in improving the legal framework formation design.

Money must be neutral so as not to excite or adulterate creative destruction. And for it to be neutral, the Central Bank must issue the amount of money that the market needs, in order to achieve a Wickselian interest rate. The Interest Standard is one of the proposals that is gaining prominence in the association.